joehondahisworks  からの御挨拶
joehondahisworks  とはモータースポーツ写真家、ジョーホンダのウエブ・サイトです。 チームの長年に亘りますアイディアが集結されて開設致した次第です。 これも又、陰乍らジョーホンダの作品等を御支援して下さっております皆様方ファンのお陰であると感謝しております。
世界そして国内共に取材の日々を重ねまして 43 年目を迎えました。 これを機に写真展、写真集、書籍、雑誌そして新聞等ではご覧いただけなかった彼の独特の個性が生かされたイメージ・カットをウエブ・サイトで御紹介出来るとチームは張りきっております。
それでは、ジョーホンダの回想録と共にお楽しみ下さい。 彼の回想録に関しましては近い将来、書籍として発行いたします。 御期待下さい!
joehondahisworks is the website of motor sports photographer, Joe Honda. We, the joehondahisworks team have finally succeeded in establishing his web site after a lot of time spent reflecting on what would be the best way of representing a career spanning over 43 years. At last, we have come across the idea of how to best represent these world motor sports images for his long supporting fans. We thought that our website for Joe Honda should be understood through his involvement in this motor sports world, where he not only covered Fl, but also other events: such as Indy 500 mile race, Le Man 24 hours race, East Africa Safari Rally, Paris-Dakar Rally, Daytona Stockcar 500 mile race, Daytona Speed Weeks, Can-Am Series as well as motorcycle races: Motocross GP, Scottish 6-days event, Motorcycle 24hours race, Isle of Man TT race, Classic car race and Japanese domestic race. He is a world motor sports photographer, who has spent a lifetime covering motor sports events and his journey is still going on!
Here on his web site, you can see his first official race coverage images: Indy 200 mile race held at Fuji Speedway in Japan, 1966 and the second which F2 in France, Pau, 1967.
We apologize for the fact that the memoirs written by Joe Honda himself are only available for those who understand Japanese, however, we hope very much that you will enjoy looking through Joe's works. Of course, if you would like to know more about Joe and his works, please do not hesitate in dropping us a line.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this page.
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