Brief Personal History
1939 東京都生まれ
1961 日本大学芸術学部、写真学科卒業
1963 早田雄二フォト・スタジオにて、スタジオ・アシスタント修業
1964 学習研究社、編集部付嘱託カメラマン
1967 取材の為、単身ヨーロッパへ渡る
1968 IRPA(国際レーシング・プレス協会)に加わり、アジア地区代表となる

1939 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1961 Graduated from the Nihon University, with a degree in Photography from the Department of Art.
Worked part-time in Gakushu-Kenkyu-Sha Publishing Company in Tokyo while studying for a university degree.
1963 Trained as a studio assistant at Yuji Hayata Photo Studio, Tokyo.
1964 Worked as a part-time employee photographer for the editorial department of Gakushu-Kenkyu-Sha Publishing Company, Tokyo.
1967 Set off to Europe for Formula One Grand Prix Race coverage.
1968 Joined as one of the founders of IRPA (International Racing Press Association) and became regional representative for Asia.
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